Diamond Light Yoga

Yoga For Kids

Auburn, CA

Breath in and puff up your lion chest. Open the back of your throat as you breathe out a quiet, throaty"roar."

Relieves tension in the chest and face.

Learn how to honor differences in others with this partner stretch. Listen to your friend and communicate to find how far they are comfortable twisting.

Bubble Fish pose stretches the front of the body and opens the heart. Increases blood and oxygen to the brain.

Working together to experiment with ways to create a human mandala.

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Heather Dwelle

My YogaKids classes provide a fun, safe and non-competitive environment to integrate movement, music and breathing with language, history, art, ecology, biology, math, and anatomy. I incorporate different learning styles to engage all ages and provide them with appropriate challenges and a sense of accomplishment.

Benefits of Yoga for Kids of all ages

Yoga is not a religion.

Yoga is a practice that started in India 5000 years ago. It promotes a sense of unity between mind, emotions and physical body.

Yoga builds strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Yoga promotes conscious body movement, to explore and gain knowledge of how our bodies are built.

Yoga teaches mindfulness.

Mindfulness is used as a tool to enhance coping skills, decrease anxiety, and promote positive emotions in young kids and teens.

Yoga and mindful practices teach kids to stay present, listen carefully, show gratitude and respect themselves and others.