Types of Class

Reading Comes Alive With Yoga: Ages 3-6, $40/month, 45 minute class

Interactive reading is the basis for this class. We will be reading a book and experiencing the story through yoga poses. Our goal is to have fun, moving our bodies safely, while learning how to breath and relax. (Children need to be potty trained or have a parent present)

Portion of a class may include the following:

Book: “Hello World! Birds” by Jill McDonald

Each child will become an egg in an eagle's nest by wrapping themselves in their mat to form the protective covering of their shell. A short meditation guides them to scan their bodies, head to toe, before they hatch and become eaglets. We will practice how to “spread our wings”and “eagle walk”. We can explore how eaglets might communicate in the nest with a cooperative game and sing a song to encourage each new eaglet to be brave as they take their first flight.

Art project: kids make their own bird's nest; materials represent all the things a bird might use to build a nest.

Poses as Pathways: Ages 7-11, $48/month, 60 minute class &

Yoga for Teens, Ages 12+, $60/month, 75 minute class

Yoga is a way to improve a child’s capacity to perceive and interact within the world by first learning about themselves. Yoga teaches them how their bodies work, to trust their instincts and focus their minds in this fast-paced world. Adding introspection with positive affirmations and breathing, can build healthy self-esteem and enhance coping skills, especially in teens.

Portion of a class may include the following: example of Eagle Pose

As we calm our minds and focus in this challenging balance pose, we will travel through history as we learn how the eagle became a symbol of the US. As we transition to a group Tree pose, an eagles' natural habitat is discussed. The “forest” we created, demonstrates the strength needed to support the eagle's aerie and how we, as humans, need to work together to sustain other animal life on our planet. To finish the pose, we state out loud: “I am bold. I am brave. My own power I can hold.”

Cooperative game: Bananagram tiles to create an acrostic with adjectives to describe the Eagle.

Strength and Stretch for Athletes, Ages 12+, $60/month, 75 minute class

Looking for a way to improve your game or promote muscular balance in your body? As an athlete, it is important to do strength and conditioning for your sport. However, this can cause the body to acclimate stress and accumulate tension in the body which can inhibit mobility and flexibility and more importantly, the ability to be agile. Yoga loosens up the muscles and can increase range of motion of joints so you can fully apply that strength and conditioning to your sport.

For more information on classes, contact me: Heather@diamondlightyoga.com